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Trade & Investment Couple

About Us - Speechless Trading

As a couple, we have embarked on an unforgettable journey both professionally and personally. On this journey we want to inspire as many people as possible and help them to work on their dreams. Our greatest passion has always been to discover the most beautiful spots on this planet.

Due to our location-independent company, we now have the brilliant opportunity to combine work & passion from anywhere. Through this long experience we have built up the appropriate knowledge and of course want to pass this on to you!


CEO & Founder
  • Visionary & Inspiration
  • Trad management
  • Portfolio Management
  • > 5 years experience


CEO & Founder
  • German Trading Champion
  • Risk Management 2020
  • Analysis & Education
  • > 4 years experience

Solid background with professional experience

We and our team, can draw on several decades of experience on the side of the financial world and are therefore an attractive partner at your side.
In addition to our wealth of experience in active trading on the global financial markets, we also distinguish ourselves through years of training and knowledge transfer of this experience to other people.