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The Academy

Die >> Trading Masterclass << steht wie es der Name schon verrät für den Start in den Handel an der Börse. Die Masterclass ist sehr breit gefächert und informiert umfassend über alle relevanten Themengebiete. In jedem Bereich werden wir auf die wichtigsten Themen genauer eingehen und alles besprechen. Trotz den einzelnen Bereichen ergibt es am Ende ein Gesamtkonzept in dem du dich komplett auf deine Themen spezialisieren kannst.

The Forex market is one of the most traded financial markets in the world.
Equities continue to be regarded as an alternative form of investment for stable returns.


What awaits you.

Your path to financial freedom as a successful trader and investor. You don't have to be an expert to be successful on the stock market. Even a large capital is not absolutely necessary. All you need is the necessary expertise and a working strategy.
Trading Basics

-> Forex Trading/Forex Trading/Shares
-> Basic Terms & Fundamentals
-> Chart Structure & Types
-> Brokers, Trading Platforms
-> Trading Psychology
-> and much more...

Trading Advanced

-> compound interest
-> resistance & support
-> chart technical formations
-> indicators & price action
-> market participants
-> and much more...

Trading Expert

-> trading plan
-> sequences
-> risk management
-> goal planning
-> emotional behavior
-> and much more...

Stock Market Psychology

-> The Battle Between Fear & Greed
-> Controlling Your Emotions
-> The Subconscious
-> Cognitive Dissonance
-> Assessing Gain & Loss
-> and much more...

Trading Routines

-> Become a Trader in 10 Steps
-> Habit & Routine
-> 3 Levels of Trading
-> Setups & Analysis
-> Create Your Own Trading Routines
-> and much more...

Your strategy

-> Chance Risk Ratio
-> Money Management
-> Trade Management
-> Exact Entries & Exits
-> Track Record
-> and much more...

Start your journey with us now