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The Money Pro Tools 

Die >> Money Pro Tools << können Unabhängig verwendet werden um deine Handelsaktivitäten noch profitabler zu machen. Eigene Strategien , Vertiefungen oder separate Indikatoren bzw. Handelsgruppen – Für jede Anwendung ist das passende mit dabei!


Experts manage your portfolio and take care of everything. You have access at any time.

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Different TradingView tools for easier trading, better entries & higher profits.

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Deepening of the 5 most important areas in trading. Combination of theory & practice.

Fundamental Strategies

12 simple fundamental strategies to complement your portfolio. Also available with tools.

Brand New


Copy Trading is divided into three areas.
-> Forex Copy Trading
-> Stock Copy Trading
-> Fundamental Copy Trading

In copy trading, all positions of a professional trader are sent to the central server of the corresponding broker . From there, the trading signals are automatically forwarded to all connected client accounts/individuals and implemented directly.

No time required

By managing a profit, you don't have to spend time managing it at all.

Risk Management

The risk is automatically adjusted to your capital and calculated. So you always stay on the safe side.

Simple application

No great basic knowledge. The connection works in a few minutes and can be terminated at any time.

Compound interest

This passive income unfolds its potential in the long run, as it can increase exponentially.

Proven profitable


The indicators are easy to set up and very self-explanatory in use.

The daily trading should be facilitated and optimized. These tools help you to further optimize your trading and your investments. In addition, there are also Telegram groups for most of the indicators in which you are regularly informed about new trading ideas. So you are always up to date.

Easy handling

All indicators & tools can be used without any additional effort. Some of them also contain individual setting options.

Extreme added value

These tools can be used to optimize your strategy. But some can also be implemented alone and completely independently.

Improved profitability

There is an extensive backtest for each indicator in which the results are closely reviewed & analyzed.



Bundled knowledge in a nutshell. You get everything you need to know in 5 compact seminars.

These in-depth seminars are about basics, about deepening & about practical application. Focus is really on the understanding and the appropriate implementation. Each seminar always alternates between classical theory and applied practice.

Technical indicators

Here you will learn everything you need to know about indicators. Trend following systems, oscillators & volume.


The concept the application and the implementation are discussed and practiced here in detail.

Technical formations

Formations regularly offer very nice trading ideas. Types & application you will learn here.

Candlesticks/ Formations

Candles have a great importance in charting. Origin & interpretation can be found here.

& Co.

Here you will learn everything about mathematical tools in technical analysis. Fibo's, Gann, Pitchfork & Patterns.

Diversified portfolio


Targeted strategies can be derived on the basis of various recurring events.

The 12 fundamental strategies target precisely such occurrences. Certain events lead to logical consequences. To profit from them is not necessarily difficult if you know these secrets. With these strategies, usually no complex analysis is required - there are only fixed entries and exits at the specified times.

Simple implementation

There are only entries & exits. Therefore, these strategies have no complexity and are very easy to implement in practice & management.

Balanced portfolio

These strategies are spread over different assets. There are strategies for stocks, for indices, for commodities & for currencies. Thus, the portfolio is already well positioned.

Confirmed market effects

Carefully selected strategies with facts on implementation and the background. Theoretical & practical preparation of the respective topics.

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